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Wigtown Poultry Show

Our next show: Wednesday, 1st August 2018 : Bladnoch Park, Wigtown DG8 9AB


Over 700 exhibits were packed into the marquee which at times was full to capacity with visitors. The Show Champion was a bantam blue Old English Game female exhibited by Walter Wylie and Nicola Hansen from Cumbria. It was their first time at Wigtown Poultry Show and Nicola said she couldn’t believe how well they had done and what a wonderful day they had had.


Reserve Show Champion was Caroline McCornick from Wigtown with her Champion Trio of white Call ducks.



Wigtownshire Junior–Gregor Vance’s Silver Laced Wyandotte F 

Wigtownshire Juvenile – Robert Smith’s Black Pekin F

Wigtownshire Senior and Best Wigtownshire –

Caroline McCornick’s Mallard Call F 

Open Juvenile Eggs – Finlay Vance’s 3 Duck

Open Junior Eggs – Gregor Vance’s 1 Bantam Egg  

Pet – Douglas M. Smith’s Black Pekin F

Ex-Battery Hen – Ann McColm

Utility/Hybrid – Alan Jarvis

Large S/F Light – Callum & Finlay Frame’s Rumpless Brown/Red Araucana M, 

Large S/F Heavy–Annette & David Mitchell’s Rhode Island RedF

Large Hard Feather – Walter Wylie & Nicola Hanson’s Brown/Red OEG F 

Bantam Hard Feather & Show Champion – W. Wylie & N Hanson’s Blue OEG F 

Bantam Soft Feather Light – Zoe Campbell’s White Silkie F

Bantam Soft Feather Heavy – John Houston’s Barred Plymouth Rock M

Asian – Ben Welsh’s Ko Shamo F

Trio & Reserve Champion – C. McCornick’s White Calls

Heavy Duck – Hannay & Williams’ Cayuga F

Light Duck – Gordon McAdam

Call & Best Waterfowl – C. McCornick’s Blue Fawn F

Goose – Reuben Phillips’ African M

Best Pair Waterfowl – C. McCornick’s  Apricot Calls

Turkey – Brian Moodie’s Bronze F

Rare Breed – Peter B. Kendall’s Jersey Giant M

True Bantam – P. B. Kendall’s Serama F

Open Junior – Ollie McKie’s Indian Runner M

Open Juvenile – C. & F. Frame’s RIR M

Junior Handler – Ben Welsh

Juvenile Handler – Cerys McKie

Waterfowl Eggs & Best Eggs – Adele Taylor’s 3 Goose Decorated/Painted Egg – Lynn Wilson

Photograph – Shalla Gray

Greetings Card – Ruby Vance

Handicraft – Iona Cochrane

Floral Art – Janice Houghton-Wallace

Most Points Senior – Adele Taylor

Most Points Juvenile – Robert Smith

Most Points Junior – Katie McMiken 

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Some of the young exhibitors -

each child who exhibited received a medal.

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Mrs Sheila Voas, the Chief Veterinary Officer (Scotland) presenting the 

Champion Trophy to Walter Wylie & Nicola Hansen 

Mrs Voas kindly agreed to present the prizes in the poultry marquee. She understands the concerns that poultry keepers have had over the Avian Influenza threat and is pleased that poultry gatherings are currently able to take place. She recognizes the importance that shows are to the local rural community and thoroughly enjoyed her visit to Wigtown Show.

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courtesy of Hazel Smith

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